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Niki Pilkington





(well me, because I want you to come hang out in my studio).

I've been wanting to get this post up for so long (guess having an intern would have meant this would have got out there a lot quicker eh?!?..) so much has got in the way lately, it's been a bit full on..aaaaand breathe. So I'll get right to it.

I had to intern as part of my degree & I can't begin to tell you how hard it was to find something even close to what I wanted. I knew I wanted it to be something illustration / art based, but most illustrators work from home or small spaces, and no illustrators wanted a stranger in their personal space for weeks on end. I ended up going to a small fashion brand & it was actually pretty fun. I illustrated their lookbook & some other promotional material for fashion week, but it still wasn't the backstage look I wanted into the field I hoped to build a career in, so I'm hoping this opportunity will be something that some of you would find really useful & interesting. This is a chance to get an unedited & personal look into life as an illustrator, all whist helping me as I work on some pretty fun new projects.

I'm on the lookout for an intern (or maybe even a few depending on how things work out) that is wanting to know a bit of everything about what my work entails & not afraid to get stuck in. Please note, this won't just be drinking tea & doodling with me..well maybe sometimes, but instead, think a more insightful crash course into all the components that go into my day to day routine as a self employed artist. 

Although I can't go into crazy detail about what I'd need from you right now (just know it's going to be busy & fun), here's a little list of what I'm looking for in a partner in crime:

-LA based & willing to travel to the Venice / MDR area (I will be looking for Wales based interns next btw).  

-Drawing skills aren't 100% essential, but if you like to draw that definitely helps!!

-You need to like my work - this isn't a egotistical thing! We're going to be working on projects that revolve around my work as a brand, so it's important we're on the same page aesthetic-wise. 

-Basic editing skills. Nothing crazy but the more you can do, the better.

-Photography skills. Again, I'm not looking for an expert, but an eye of nice layouts & an enjoyment of the whole process is important. 

-Availibility can be flexible, my dates aren't set in stone yet - I'll share more of those details once I know who's in & as my deadlines become clearer. It will definitely be weekdays, not weekends.

-And most importantly a nice person to be around. We'd be working closely together, so it's vital that you're a friendly person that is good one on one. No attitudes pretty please.


If you're reading this & thinking 'pick me, pick me' then I'd LOVE to hear from you. Email me with the subject INTERN to & include:

-A bit about you.

-Link to your social media or site if applicable. 

-What your ideal availability would be (number of days a week / total amount of time etc).

Please don't send follow up emails. I promise as soon as I have more details I'll get back to you.

If you have any questions, please leave them below & I'll respond ASAP.

Hope we're drinking tea & doodling together soon