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Niki Pilkington

Aloha! Here's the image of all my travel essentials for my Hawaii trip but with numbers - see below for what they are, where they're from & why they'll be coming with me on the trip.


1. Sweeties - no explanation needed, duh. But real talk, boiled sweets are not my jam (but @JohnnyBudden picked these up for me on a trip to Japan & they matched the theme they are). My real go-to travel snacks are nuts, fruit & who can say no to those tiny pretzels they hand out on the plane?

2. Travel skin is so yucky - So whether I use it on the flight or when I get to the hotel, I love a good face mask & these @MaryKayusa TimeWise Repair Lifting Bio-Cellulose Masks are perfect.

3. These tassel earrings from @befashionest though..

4. The main reason I’m jetting off to Hawaii is for the wedding of two of the loveliest people I know. Nicky & Andrew, I can not wait to celebrate your special day with you. How pretty is their invite by the way?!

5. Looky look, it’s @tanyawhitebits self tan mousse in regular & travel size. I’m the creative director of this wonderful brand (peep my illustration on the bottles) but I honestly do take this mobile glow on all my trips. I usually apply the day before traveling & then take enough to reapply on the go.

6. @lovephilosophy dry shampoo is a must (see number 24 for more from this fab brand).

7. I’m a crazy list maker, so I never leave home without my @poppin notebook. 

8. This bikini by @velvetsphynx is going straight in my hand luggage because nothing’s getting in the way of me & the pool!

9. I carry a reusable straw with me wherever I go - it’s one of the many little things I’m doing to try to help the planet. Also, bringing out your own straw at a bar kind of makes a bigger statement then just asking for no straw, so I feel like it’s a conversation starter with people around you & helps raise a little awareness.

10. Because who doesn’t want a mini bottle of bubbly to kick off your vacay? Cheers @onehope

11. Pens pens pens. Between me & you, this is only a tiny selection of what I’m really taking. Pictured is my gold mechanical pencil by @poppin - I love mechanical pencils when I travel because they take away all the mess of sharpening & the worry of the dreaded pencil drop when you know that sucker has snapped the whole way up the barrel.

12. Setting off all the alarms going through security with these @julievos pieces, so worth it though.

13. @Trussnyc bags are everything. As well as looking damn cool, these coated woven bags are perfect for traveling because they’re impossible to get dirty when you have to shove them under the seat in front of you.

14. This print will be available in my shop very soon! 

15. Romper by @ASOS

16. Arriving rested is easy thanks to my @slipsilkpillowcase travel pillow & sleep mask. I first found out about Slip when my hair was so damaged & I didn’t know what to do. I bought one of their pillow cases & I swear my hair (and skin) started to feel better right away. If you’ve not heard about the benefits of a silk pillowcase, look them up! (They do all types of cute colours too).

17. Ok so this is the healthy half of my snacks.

18. Phone case by @valfre

19. This smells divine (good enough to not coat yourself in all the duty free tester perfumes). It’s called Amazing Grace by @philosophy.

20. Like I mentioned, my hair has been so damaged from all the years of coloring & styling. I can’t stress just how much I love every @randco product. And..hello neon!!

21. More essentials from @marykayusa. I’m freckly

22. Because I don’t even put the trash out without lipstick on. 

23. Guys, airplane floors are yucky. If you’re going to take your shoes off like I do, make sure you have a cute pair of socks to hand. These are by @livingroyal

24. Ok so I’ve only just found out about @lovephilosophy (I know, where have I been?) & I’m honestly in love. I’m packing some tinted moisturizer gel cream for when I don’t want to wear makeup, and the two tubes are liquid highlighting drops & full coverage concealer which I can’t wait to get stuck into.. I've also been using their retinol cream, so I'm loving it. I'll do a proper post on these soon & let you know what I think of everything.

25. Passport should really be number one I guess..

26. If these shades by @sunniestudios don't say Hawaii, then I don’t know what do.

27. Camera. Because, memories (& I never get round to printing off my digital pictures).

28. The 5 step plan by @arconalosangeles saved my skin when I moved to LA & got terrible breakouts. This little duo is perfect for keeping up with my routine whilst I’m away.

29. Comfy, cute & neon - hello @billblass.

If you have questions about any of these pieces, (or just any questions in general really!!) leave a comment below & I’ll get back to you as soon as possible