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Niki Pilkington

🐋I just read an article by @treehuggerdotcomsaying that we could build 19 life size Empire State buildings out of lego bricks made from ocean plastic. Guys have you SEEN how big that building is?
We need to do more to stop this. I try to be as green as possible every day & I think I’m pretty ‘on it’ but I’m always looking of more ways to do my thing for the🌎so my New Years resolution was to stop using plastic straws - harder than it sounds when they’re forced on you everywhere, but it’s a start & so far so good! (I carry a reusable straw with me because..who wants a milkshake without a straw?!?)♻️
I’d love to do more though, so please tell me any little things you do to be kind to the planet. Any suggestions? I’d love to hear..

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