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Illustration Rally feature


I'm very pleased to say that me and my work have just been featured on 'Illustration Rally', a lovely blog bursting with beautiful illustrated things. Here's all the nice stuff they had to say about me:
"Its feature time again and we have a real treat for you this time! Niki Pilkington has such a new and clean style. Its simply eye-watering in its execution and work this fresh leaves me almost lost for words. Though that said, her work has an importance and this is due to her finding a new definition, and relevance, carving out a style that bursts out and brings her subjects into perfect focus. Its like high definition illustration, delicate and precise, her subjects are etched into the viewer in perfect monochrome, and her images with their sense of space seem to levitate, creating the third dimension even without her playful sculptural work. Not only is her work alarmingly beautiful but the tender consideration of her subject is the real treasure in her work. Anyone who gets the chance should feel lucky to be her subject! Its great to have her, and even better to find out about her here!"
See the post in full here.